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Soil Advisory Service

At the request of groundsmen and consultants, we have developed a modest laboratory at our head office where we can carry out soil mechanical analysis using sedimentation tests. This service is free and is designed for customers seeking to understand more about the composition of their soils and therefore to assist their soil management.

Soil Analysis

Although we are not a UKAS accredited laboratory, we can analyse samples of soils and rootzones for the following properties:

Particles Size Distribution Analysis (PSD) – to USGA Sieve sizes (BS812 Part 103)

We use USGA sieve sizes to determine the proportions of sand, silt and clay in the sample. 

Organic Matter – Loss on Ignition Method (LOI)

We have the facility to carry out a Loss On Ignition Test and give you an idea of the % of organic matter present in the sample.

pH – Indicator Method

We carry out a simple test using soil indicator for accurate pH assessment of each sample



Where Bourne Amenity comes in...

We can address deficiencies in your existing rootzone profile by putting together blending plans to incorporate sand, composts, ph stabilizers. Our on-site lab is purely a starting point to familiarize yourself with the makeup of your playing surface and identify any potential deficiencies that may affect drainage, root growth etc.

Useful Links

We can also recommend these accredited laboratories and soil advisories where we have accounts and regular contact:

  • STRI – www.stri.co.uk
  • Tim O’Hare Associates – www.toha.co.uk
  • Enverity – www.enverity.co.uk
  • NRM Ltd – www.nrm.uk.com
  • Southern Testing – www.southerntesting.co.uk
  • Mayer Environmental – www.mayer-enviro.com



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