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Private Roof Garden in Victoria Embankment - Intensive Lightweight Roof Soil and Washed Sand

London's highest botanical gardens on the 35th floor of the "Walkie-Talkie" Building - bulk bags of BS3882 topsoil and BS8601 subsoil

2014 BALI award winning Roof top in Central London - Intensive Lightweight Roof soil

Olympic Park and Athletes Village - supply of 7 types of Topsoil and Subsoil

2014 BALI award winning domestic garden, conversion of an old Church yard - over 100 Bulk Bags of Ericaceous topsoil

Stunning rear garden conversion in Hampstead - over 500 tonne of TS6 topsoil grabbed into position

Post games conversion of Olympic Park into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - over 20,000 tonne of high permeability turf soil and structural tree sand

2014 Grounds Maintenance BALI award winner for the Twickenham Stoop - TS6 topsoil and washed sports sand

250 semi-mature trees planted to create a park feel in the heart of the city - TS6 topsoil and structural treesand


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NHBC Topsoil Guidelines

NHBC Topsoil Guidelines

Along with the BS3882:2015 standards ensuring topsoil quality within the industry, the National House Building Council (NHBC) has issued their own guidelines for standards of imported topsoil.

Whilst the only real stipulation within the NHBC 2013 guidelines is that any imported topsoil must meet BS3882:2015 guidelines, it is worth mentioning that this is a significant step for the house building industry.

Due to the fact that many new house builds are carried out on top brown field sites (i.e. sites were there may be industrial contamination), the NHBC have added the provision of clean and fully accountable topsoil to their list of requirements. In the past, house builders have been able to source local as-dug or muckaway type topsoils. However, the new 2013 regulations insist on clean BS3882:2015 compliant topsoil that must also comply with a list of environmental parameters and potential contaminants. These environmental parameters can vary from site to site specification but please refer to our "Technical Data" section on the left hand side for a print out of contaminants that were listed as part of the 2011 ODA specifications.

If your imported topsoil is fully compliant with BS3882:2015 standards and you have checked your supplier for due diligence (analysis dates, stockpile inspection etc.) then it is almost certainly guaranteed that the material will be suitable in the eyes of the NHBC.

The NHBC have become much more vigilant toward the topsoil elements of a new build, and will almost certainly carry out tests on the topsoil to ensure compliance. With removal of topsoil coming at a premium, the neccesstiy for clean, certified topsoil is now common place amongst house builders.

All of our BS3882:2015 topsoils (as dug and manufactured), including our ericaceous and low fertility blends are fully compliant against NHBC guidelines and carry a full list of potential contaminants. 








Having our own fleet of tippers, grabs and hiab offload facilities allows us the flexibility and reliability to deliver any quantity to you on time with minimal fuss. Plus our drivers have extensive experience of delivering into some very demanding areas, like central London (our entire fleet has been passed by TFL on their FORS scheme).
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We operate two bagging sites in Kent where we have the capacity to bag the majority of our products in either bulk bags or smaller 25kg bags.

    • Up to 40m3
      (lightweight materials)
    • Up to 20 tonne
    • 4/6/8 wheel
    • Up to 40m3
      (lightweight materials)
    • Up to 16 tonne
    • 4/6/8 wheel

    • Up to 50m3
      (lightweight materials)
    • Up to 30 tonne

    • 1m3
      (bark, compost, lightweight soils, manure)
    • 850-950kg


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