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From single bulk bags to loose artics loads, we can deliver 

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From Decorative Barks to Topsoils and Aggregates, we can deliver

Decorative or Amenity Bark Mulches delivered in bulk bags or loose tippers and grabs

"The Bridge" part of the Olympic Park including Velodrome and White Spaces - 1,000m of PAS100 compost mulch

Residential Parks with limited access in central London - Bark Mulch and Composted Manure into Belgravia

400 tonne of TS6 certified topsoil and 70/30 Rootzone into Kensington


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Compost & Bark

Compost & Bark

Due to the severe impact of peat harvesting, the Government have put the reducution in the use of both sedge and spaghnum high on the environmental action list and are looking at a total phase out of commercial use by 2030.

Whilst the majority of landscaping schemes that we supply to have a clause in their specification that bans the use of sedge peat in any of the soil blends or growing media, we do still supply both spaghnum and sedge peat. In the main, this goes into our nursery blends and is more for the specialist growers than the general landscapers.

We have seen over the past decade the metioric rise of composting facilities accross the country, that specialise in the collection, treatment and in-vessel composting of green waste materials from the surrounding area. As a sustainable and relatively cheap alternative to peat, the popularity of composts has increased and we now import over 50,000m3 to our various blending units, as well as supplying straight loose, bulk and small bags across the industry. The publicly available specification for composted materials (PAS100 British Standard) was modified by WRAP in 2011 and sets out a minimum compost quality baseline. It requires producers to establish a quality policy and management system to ensure any compost sold is fit for purpose.

We source the following composts, which all conform to the PAS100 standards, and are readily available throughout the year:

  • 5mm (predominantly for topdressing)
  • 10mm (used across our soil blends)
  • 25mm (popular with the agricultural industry as a nutrious mulch for fruit trees etc).


Having our own fleet of tippers, grabs and hiab offload facilities allows us the flexibility and reliability to deliver any quantity to you on time with minimal fuss. Plus our drivers have extensive experience of delivering into some very demanding areas, like central London (our entire fleet has been passed by TFL on their FORS scheme).
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We operate two bagging sites in Kent where we have the capacity to bag the majority of our products in either bulk bags or smaller 25kg bags.

    • Up to 40m3
      (lightweight materials)
    • Up to 20 tonne
    • 4/6/8 wheel
    • Up to 40m3
      (lightweight materials)
    • Up to 16 tonne
    • 4/6/8 wheel

    • Up to 50m3
      (lightweight materials)
    • Up to 30 tonne

    • 1m3
      (bark, compost, lightweight soils, manure)
    • 850-950kg
"Bourne Amenity have always provided an excellent service. From their soil blends to their hassle free delivery, they would come highly recommended by Pinnacle PSG"
Mario Goncalves, Contract Manager, Pinnacle PSG Ltd.
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